Irrigation Water Flow Meter With Digital Display

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water flow meter with digital display


ATWFD Magnetic flow meter measurement design insuring it can be fabricated to be compatible with virtually any conductive liquids regardless density, viscosity, chemical composition or fluid condition/particulate count, and with features of long service life, less maintenance, low pressure drop, minimally invasive. It widely used in many industries and application including wasterwater / municipal, food / beverage, pulp/paper, etc.



  • Water & Seawater

  • Food & Beverage

  • Chemical & Medicine

  • Factory Automation

  • Wastewater & municipal

  • Pulp & Paper

  • ......


 Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter 
 1.6MP (DN10~DN150)          1.6MPA (DN200~DN600)
 1.0MPA (DN700~DN1200)    0.6MPA (DN1400~DN2000)
 (Others can be customized) 
 Flange(standard)      Clamp (customized) 
 SS316L(standard)    HB / HC alloy (strong acid and alkali)      Titanium ; tantalum ; tungsten carbide ; platinum 
 Range Ratio: 
 Sensor: -25 ~ 180 ℃ converter: -10 ~ 60 ℃ 
 Fluid requirements:
 Conductive medium (conductivity ≥ 5US / CM)

irrigation flow meter

  • Applicable Sizes In 1/8"-80″ (DN3-DN2000).

  • Wide Fluid Velocity Range Of 0-50 Feet/ Sec (0-15 M/S ) With Excellent Low-Flow Accuracy.

  • 4-20Ma,0-5Khz Pulse And 2A Relay Outputs Available.

  • Hart, Rs485/Modbus Profibus-DP Communications Available.

  • Ip 68 Protection Class For Underground Submersible Application.

  • Easy-To-Read Oled Display; Visible In Low Light Environments And In Direct Sunlight.

  • Conductivity Of Measured Medium: ≥ 5 Μs/Cm.

  • Excellent Accuracy ±0.5% Of Reading.

  • Various Liner/Electrode Material Combinations Make Meter Chemically Compatibility With Different Fluids.

  • Empty Pipe Detection And Electrodes Resistance Measurement Diagnosing Empty Pipe And Electrodes Contamination Accurately.

  • ......

Technical Parameters

General Magnetic Flow Meter

(Integral/ Remote Type)

Battery Powered Magnetic

Flow Meter

Insertion Type Magnetic Flow Meter
Line Sizes

3/8" - 80"

(DN10 - DN2000)

1/8" - 24"

(DN3 - DN600 )

3/8" - 240"

(DN10 - DN6000 )

Accuracy±0.5% of Reading
Conductivitymust be ≥ 5 μS/cmmust be ≥ 5 μS/cmmust be ≥ 5 μS/cm
Process Temp.-58-356°F (-50-180°C)-40-300°F (-50-150°C)-58-356°F (-50-180°C)
Housing MaterialCarbon Steel / SS 304 / SS 316  
Electrode MaterialSS 316L/ Hastelloy C/ Hastelloy Alloy B/ Nicke/Titanium/ Tantalum/ Tungsten Carbide
Lining MaterialNeoprene(Chloroprene Rubber ) /PTFE / PFA / F46 Ceramic /Hard ubber(Ebonite) / Polyurethane  
Process Connection

Wafer Connection

Thread Connection

Flange Connection (ANSI, DIN, JIS)

Tri-clamp On (Sanitary)  

Grounding Resistance< 10 Ω

IP 65 (Integrated Type)

IP 68   (Remote Type)  

OutputsP-Pulse / 4-20mA / RS 485 / Hart  
Power SupplyAC 220V / DC 24V  
Ambient Temperature-5 - +130 °F (-20 - 55 °C)
Relative Humidity5% to 90% R.H.
Applicationmust be ≥ 5 μS/cmconductive fluid measurement in areas with no power availablelarge pipes where high accuracy is NOT needed


Electromagnetic Flow Meter Order Sheet

water flow meter with digital display

Calibration line

irrigation flow meter

water flow meter with digital display

irrigation flow meter

Magnetic flow meter applications

water flow meter with digital display

1. Intelligent Split Type Magnetic Flow Meter Manufacturer Chemical Sewage Treatment Station Liquid Electromagnetic Flowmeter
2.12 monthed warranty
3. Magnetic flow meter widely used for the measurement of Acid, Alkali, Salt Solution, Water, Sewage, Corrosive Liquids, and fluid flow of Mud, Pulp, etc.
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