Inline Sea Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Product Description

Electromagnetic flow meters are flowmeters that measure flow according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic flowmeters have the advantage of minimal pressure loss and a large range of measurable flow rates. The ratio of the maximum flow rate to the minimum flow rate is generally more than 20:1. The applicable industrial tube diameter is wide, up to 3 meters. The output signal and the measured flow rate are linear, and the accuracy is high. The conductivity can be measured ≥5μs/cm. Acid, alkali, salt solution, water, sewage, corrosive liquids, and fluid flow of mud, pulp, pulp, etc. However, it cannot measure the flow of gas, steam, and pure water.

inline electromagnetic flow meter



Zero point stability, 

low powerconsumption and high precisionLCD display, 

Cumulative flow,lnstantaneous flow, Forward flow,Reverse flow, etc.

Units: L/h, U/m, L/s, m/h, m/m, m3/s, etc.Default Language: English.


Anticorrosive paint strict process.. 

Very shiny surface by polishing workmanship.

Various of flange standard,such as DIN,JIS,ANSI,ASME,BS,etc.

Lining and electrodes are selected regarding flow medium

Technical Parameters
Power Supply
110-240Vac (Optional: 24 Vdc)
Power Consumption
0.5% accuracy of rate from 0.3-10 m/s
Minimum Fluid Conductivity
5.0 micromhos/cm
Flow Direction
Unidirectional or bidirectional, 2 separate totalizers (programmable)
Analog Output
4-20mA, 750ohms Max Load
Output Frequency
Scaled Pulse output,
(open collector) Max 5Khz
Noise Damping
Pulse Width
Programmable up to 500ms
Zero-point Stability
Automatic correction
Ambient Temperature
 -20 to 60 C
Electrode Materials
Optional: Titanium; Hastelloy Alloy C; Tantalum
Liner Material
PTFE, FEP, Hard Rubber
Fluid Temperature
PTFE: 120C Standard (Customized: 180C)
Rubber: 60C
Pressure Limits
1.0 Mpa; Optional 1.6; 2.5; 4.0 Mpa
Coil Power
Pulsed DC
Pipe Spool Material
Meter Housing Material
Carbon Steel welded or SS304 (Sanitary Connection)
Carbon Steel - Standard (ISO 7005-1)
ANSI, DIN and JIS Flange Connections
Optional Stainless Steel Grounding Rings

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Sea Water Flow Meter

Calibration line

Water Flow Meter

inline electromagnetic flow meter

Sea Water Flow Meter

Magnetic flow meter applications

Water Flow Meter

Inline Sea Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The operation of electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday's Law. It is used for measuring the volume flow of electrically conductive liquid in the pipeline, such as water, seawater, sewage, slurry, pulp, acid, alkali, salt liquid food slurry etc.

WFD series electromagnetic flow meter are widely applied in, chemical, thermo electricity, mining and metallurgy, coal industry, food industry, sewage treatment and other industries. Our electromagnetic flow meter has two types: Integrated type electromagnetic flow meter and Split type electromagnetic flow meter.
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