After-sale Service

At present, the after-sales services provided by our company include:

Toll free technical consultation

On site maintenance service

When the failure reported by the customer cannot be solved through technical telephone support, the company will send engineers to the customer's site to eliminate the failure and repair according to the response time specified in the contract. Including the retrieval and return of faulty equipment.

Interconnection remote maintenance

Online with customers according to the situation, carry out remote software maintenance, and solve customers' software problems quickly, conveniently and timely.

Contract Periodic Maintenance

By signing maintenance contracts, our engineers will rely on professional technical means to carry out regular maintenance of computer systems for customers, and timely find and solve potential problems. Quarterly on-site service, including the inspection and debugging of software and hardware systems and the cleaning of equipment, understanding the operation of the network system, and providing reasonable solutions to potential problems; Once a fault occurs, it will provide the highest priority of on-site maintenance, accurately eliminate the fault, and restore the normal operation of the system. When the user's equipment fails and cannot be repaired within the specified time, our company will provide the equipment with the same function for the user to use until the fault is repaired.

Warranty service

Users who purchase equipment and configure networks from our company enjoy warranty service. During this period, our company will provide you with free telephone consulting services to eliminate hardware failures and restore the normal operation of the hardware system. At the end of the warranty period, it is recommended that users sign an overall computer system maintenance contract.

User training

New systems will inevitably require people who master new technologies. Our company is willing to provide appropriate training content according to your needs. Training includes technical training and management training. Through technical training, we can help you build a flexible and powerful information technology team and strengthen your employees' technical capabilities; Through management training, we can help you effectively manage and make full use of various documents, CDs, materials and other resources within the company.

Timely provide updated information of products and technologies.

Our company will regularly send customers through E_ Mail conveys or mails the new trends of relevant products and technologies, and regularly holds lectures and exhibitions to help customers grasp the trends and development directions of the information industry.

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