Pencil Type Steam Pressure Transmitter 4 20ma

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steam pressure transducer


The SP pressure transmitter is used to measure the parameters like pressure and level in various process fluids, encompassing liquids, gases, and steam, and then convert the data into a standard 4-20mA signal, facilitating seamless integration with unit instruments, DCS systems, and PLCs to create comprehensive automatic control systems. Its versatile application spans a multitude of industries, such as food, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, electric power, brewing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and more, where it plays a crucial role in measurement and control processes.

vacuum transducer


StabilityBetter Than 0.25%FS Annually
Protection IP65
Working Voltage15~30VDC

Plastic,Molded Cast Aluminium,Aluminium Alloy

Sealing ElementFluororubber
Working Voltage15V~30VDC
Wetted DiaphragmSS316L,Ceramic
Ambient Temperature-20~85℃
Medium Temperature-40~120℃
Storage Temperature-40~110℃
Compensation Temperature-15~50℃
Temperature Influence(-50~50℃)Less ±0.15%/10℃

compact pressure transmitter

Industry Application

  • Chemical Industry

  • Petroleum Industry

  • Metallurgy Industry

  • Thermal Equipment

  • Paper Making Industry

Order Sheet

Pressure Transmitter
Process Connection Material
1Stainless Steel

Process Connection

Sealing MaterialIFFluoro Rubber(Standard)

IHFluoro Rubber Applied To Sensors(Over 10Mpa)
Output24-20mA(Two Wire)
Shell Material And StructureAAluminum Shell PG16 Cable Sealing IP65
BStainless Steel Shell Cylinder Structure
Sensor Type1Diffused Silicon Type
2Diffused Silicon Anti-Corrosion Type
Explosion-Proof RequirementsD
No Explosion-Proof Required
EExplosion-Proof Type

Ready To Delivery

steam pressure transducer

vacuum transducer

compact pressure transmitter

The SP 2088 series compact pressure transmitter steam incorporates advanced foreign technology and utilizes imported components in its production. It is designed for the continuous measurement of fluid (both liquid and gas) variations. This measuring instrument transforms the measured pressure into a standard 4-20mA current signal, which, when integrated with other monitoring and control equipment, forms an automated control system.
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